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Wisdom now decisions later
The Ultimate
Intrusion Alarm 

Versatile by its nature

Hybrid Solution that embraces the very best of the two worlds . Hard wire robustness with versatility of wireless peripherals offers you one of the most advanced intrusion alarm in the world

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Annual Saving compared to traditional Security


International Warranty


Better Energy Efficiency


Spend on contracts & monthly fees

State of the art sensors

Detectors with slim design that will never invade your home elegancy guard you around the clock from multiple threats by giving you live detailed notifications and vital information of the protected areas.

  • Intrusion Detectors
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Heat Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector
Wireless  Fully Supervised Zones 

  1. Eagle Alarms come with 32 fully supervised zones

  2. Additional 8 hard-wired zones for enhanced security

  3. Programmable outputs and automation capabilities

  4. Advanced AES encryption algorithm prevents unauthorized 'code grabbing'

  5. Full report and status check of sensors and wireless peripherals

  6. Multiple wireless Keypads, key-fobs and disarming tags

  7. Long battery life reducing maintenance cost

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Uninterrupted Communication

Notifications passed on via multiple communication channels establishing secure and uninterrupted connection with the system. Our modern and sophisticated mobile app ensures smooth and effortlessly day to day operation. Remote arming and disarming , settings modification and customization can be performed with a touch of a button

Our Fundamental Principles





Quality Above Everything 
We take pride for delivering exceptionally good quality throughout our entire product line – We systematically test every single component before it leaves our warehouses
and our  manufacturing facilities follow ISO 9001:2015 standards